Starting the New Year right!

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s when I get to relax with my hub and enjoy all the wonderful tasty treats we’ve been gifted by family & friends.

This year we received so many yummy gifts — bottles of red wine, Erik’s favorite Omaha Steaks, a tasty basket of goodies from Harry & David, and a unique gift from Zabar’s in New York, a Babka & Rugelach Crate. Even with the large crowd we had for Christmas, we’re still up to our eyeballs in treats — luckily much of this can be frozen and pulled out at a later date!

‘Tis December 31st and the night before January 1st. Uh-oh.

I’ll admit two things —

One: I don’t like resolutions, I prefer goals …

Two: Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a few too many Hershey Kisses amongst other things (I’m looking at you snickerdoodles and gingerbread lattes).

It’s time to give my system a break, reset and recharge.

I’m no stranger to cleansing or as I prefer to call it clean eating (less scary, right?!). Cleansing is an excellent opportunity to slow down and focus on YOU for a moment! This is why I was beyond excited to receive my February copy of Whole Living featuring a clean eating 21 day action plan. This plan is fantastic as it includes a number of recipes to help keep you on track throughout the 21 days and … it begins January 2nd — no excuses. Can you say perfect timing or what!

The Cleanse

The No’s (I’m good at this word now, see puppy)

Just say NO to processed foods & beverages, sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine and alcohol for 21 days. Stick with it! Crankiness may ensue but trust me within days you’ll be feeling better and will be glowing from the inside out!

Week 1: eat lots of fruits, veggies & plant-based fats (nuts, seeds, oils). For me this will mean green smoothies for breakfast and veg heavy salads for lunch and dinner. I’ll probably also treat myself to some of the delicious juice recipes included in the clean eating plan like this grapefruit, carrot & ginger juice — delicious!

Week 2: add back in seafood, beans & lentils.

Week 3: add back in gluten-free grains and eggs.

Some advice to keep you on track!

Stick to the perimeter of your market — everything you need for the next 21 days is right here.

H2O — drink it — lots of it! You’re going to be moving a whole bunch of toxins through your system and will want to flush them out quickly. Water will also keep you hydrated as you increase your fitness routine.

Recount & Reflect. Journal your food intake as well as set some fitness goals. Make reasonable goals like taking the stairs or drinking an extra glass of water. Jot down your ups and your downs throughout the 21 days. What was challenging? What surprised or excited you? Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up — just get back on track. Paper journaling is great or try a website like calorie count, an excellent and quite accurate online resource. Bonus — it’s free!

Tell everyone that is important to you that you’re cleansing! In fact, let everyone in on your secret — tell them why you’re glowing! Those around me have always been incredibly supportive in honoring my eating/exercise plan. Remember, these are the people who know how hard you’ve worked on your goals and want you to succeed. Rely on your biggest cheerleaders — I’ll bet many of them join in.

So … who wants to join me?

On that note, have a safe & enjoyable NYE!

I wish all of you the best for an amazingly fit & fabulous 2012!

Thank you for reading my little blog — it truly does mean the world to me.